The movie is about…as he struggles to find an identity in the modern world, his old life is slipping away - is hanging on by a thread. Peggy doesn’t remember him… and she’ll be dead soon. She’s the last remnant of his past. And Sam happens to find his way into his life, so now he’s slowly meeting a new friend, he’s gaining a trust with Widow…so the movie is about a journey for him as he finds new elements in the modern world to emotionally attach himself to. The cruel twist is that, the Winter Soldier shows up…and it’s like the past punching him in the face.” — Joe Russo [x]
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Blueberry & Blackberry Pie

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

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Dogs with butterflies ehe he heimage

Dogs with butterflies oho ho hoimage

Dogs with butterflies aha ha ha


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I really enjoy Adam Scott struggling not to smile at Amy Poehler’s hilarity.


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fuck bees



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Take a look at this. That right there is the mail. Now, let’s talk about the mail. Can we talk about the mail, please, Mac? I’ve been dying to talk about the mail with you all day, okay. Pepe Silvia- this name keeps coming up over and over again. Everyday, Pepe’s mail keeps getting sent back to me. Pepe Silvia- Pepe Silvia. I look in the mail, this whole box is PEPE SILVIA! So I say to my…self, I’ve gotta find this guy. I’ve gotta go up to his office. I’ve gotta put the mail in his goddamn hands otherwise he’s never gonna get it. It’s gonna keep coming back down here. So, I go up to Pepe’s office and what do I find out Mac? What do I find out? There is no Pepe Silvia! The man does not exist, okay. So, I decide, ohh shit buddy, I’ve got to dig a little deeper. There’s no PEPE SILVIA! You’ve got to be kidding me, I’ve got boxes full of Pepe! Alright, so I start marching my way down to Carol in H.R. and I knock on her door and I say “CAROLL CARRROLLLLLL! I’ve gotta talk to you about Pepe!” And when I open the door, what do I find? There’s not a single goddamn desk in that office. There is no Carol in H.R. Mac, half the employees in this building have been made up. This office is a goddamn ghost town.

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awesome mix vol. 1

gotg future au: star-lord born 2013 / / /

ain’t no rest for the wicked cage the elephant

clint eastwood gorillaz

e-pro beck

paper planes m.i.a.

happy up here röyksopp

day ‘n’ nite kid cudi

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It’s like she’s walking on a carpet of mice.

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do you ever just passionately miss the first series of doctor who but not just because you miss Nine but because you miss the monsters and the simple story lines that were new and so interesting and the companions that didn’t need a magic back story to be special and weren’t just a new puzzle for the doctor to solve they were just ordinary people with ordinary lives and taught (especially the young viewers) that anyone can be a hero i just really miss season one okay

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